I believe the true magic happens when you feel a sense of comfort around me and can lean into the experience of opening up yourselves and your love for your partner.

I am inspired by who, what, and where makes you who you are individually, and what drew you two together as a couple. Learning your backstory as human beings is the secret sauce to my Sloan Photography experience.

You & Me

I'm here to celebrate you in all of your light.

I treat my clients the way I’d like to be treated. With honesty and transparency.

SP Values

I like to keep the wedding day feeling relaxed and easy. I am there to do whatever needs to be done, I do it so you can fully enjoy your day.

Along with a bachelor's degree in Studio Art (with a concentration in photography), I have dedicated the last 8 years to building a strong foundation for my business by learning from other photographers + making life-long connections within the industry

A well balanced gallery. I don’t focus my attention too strongly in one area. I like my galleries to feel cohesive and balanced.

“We could not have imagined a better experience with a wedding photographer. Sloan was a joy to work with all the way through the experience.”


The Perfect Fit?

Smiling is my favorite.

... and the wedding is just a formality and chance to celebrate with the ones you love.

You'll let me sing to you and dance like an idiot so that you feel more comfortable.

Are we

I absolutely cannot wait to connect with you ... it's the first step in telling your unique wedding story. Click to share your vision with me and get more info.

Are you ready?


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